article_sustainability_water_tap.jpgClass A recycled water

Today, Dennis Family Corporation's project managed communities are being developed with direct access to Class A recycled water wherever possible.  Recycled water will be provided to resident's homes for use in a range of non-drinking applications.

Dennis Family Corporation’s Hunt Club estate, in Cranbourne, was the first residential development in Victoria to provide homeowners with recycled water for uses such as watering the garden, and toilet flushing. By using recycled water for non-drinking applications, it has been estimated that residents could reduce drinking water consumption by up to 40 percent.

At Manor Lakes, the recycled water supply is made available by the local water authority, City West Water, and residents in more recent parts of the estate are now able to use Class A recycled water for non-drinking applications.

Other water saving initiatives used include:

  • Wetlands that treat collected stormwater
  • Undertaking extensive regeneration programmes to improve the health of local waterways
  • Extensive use of indigenous plantings, reducing overall water consumption
  • A "Suggested Planting Guide" which informs homeowners about the local soils and climate and encourages the use of native species requiring less watering and including comments on their use
  • Using Class A recycled water to irrigate public open spaces (where the supply is available)