A new view on home designs

Apr 02, 2014

A new view on home designs

Dennis Family Homes has introduced an exciting new interactive tour feature to its website which has been specifically designed for optimised viewing on mobile phone and tablet devices.

Known as uView360º, the technology allows users to conveniently navigate through a virtual tour of a selection of the most popular designs from Dennis Family Homes.

There are currently nine homes presented on uView360º as follows:

-    the double storey Balmoral 402 as displayed at the Berwick Waters Estate in Clyde North;
-    the double storey Riverton 372 as displayed at the Saratoga Estate in Point Cook;
-    the double storey Marsden 352 as displayed at the Plenty River Estate in Doreen;
-    the Hartley 322 as displayed at the Aspire Estate in Plumpton;
-    the Cosgrove 312 as displayed at the Williams Landing Estate in Williams Landing;
-    the Macedon 292 as displayed at the Berwick Waters Estate in Clyde North;
-    the Alexandra 242 as displayed at the Highlands Estate in Craigieburn;
-    the Brookdale 222 as displayed at the Aspire Estate in Plumpton; and
-    the Casterton 212 as displayed at the Aston Estate in Craigieburn.

It is likely that further Dennis Family Homes designs will be added to uView360º in the future.

“We appreciate that is not always convenient for people to travel long distances to view a particular display home, so uView360º now brings the display to their mobile device in full panoramic view,” says Dennis Family Homes General Manager, Richard Uden.

“The response generated by uView360º has been extremely positive, with many favourable comments having been posted on our Facebook page in particular. People are telling us they are fans of the interactive tour feature and want to see even more of our designs available for viewing,” he adds.

Striving to be a leader and innovator in its field, Dennis Family Homes is the first volume builder in the industry to adapt 360º virtual web technology in this way.

The uView360º feature is easily accessible from the home page of the Dennis Family Homes website, however, is not compatible with the Internet Explorer browser when viewing from a desktop computer.

To experience uView360º, visit www.dennisfamily.com.au at any time.

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