Home designs perfect for rural settings

Aug 19, 2013

Home designs perfect for rural settings

Dennis Family Homes has expanded its current Inspirations Series with the inclusion of two rural style designs of outstanding quality – the Devonport and Murchison.

Both four-bedroom homes are existing products which have proven popular in regional areas, with the Murchison having been increased in size for its relocation to the Inspiration Series.

“The wide frontage of these designs makes them suitable for rural settings where the lot width is less restrictive than suburban type blocks,” says Dennis Family Homes General Manager, Richard Uden.

“In updating the Murchison, we have increased the former 30 square version to now measure 31 squares and similarly have enlarged the previous 32 square floorplan to now be 33 squares. This has been achieved by increasing the heart of home, primarily through enlarging the size of the central kitchen area and walk-in pantry, as well as the adjoining meals area,” he adds.

For its incorporation within the Inspirations Series, the Devonport continues to be available in its four traditional size options of 23, 27, 30 and 34 squares.

In addition to their variation in sizes, the Devonport and Murchison offer key points of difference in their floorplan layouts for potential buyers to consider.

“The living areas in the Devonport have clear access to strategically positioned openings which promote external views to both the front and rear of the home,” Mr Uden explains.

“The Murchison also provides excellent views, but has a distinctive layout containing separate zones throughout the home.”

Both designs have floorplan versions which include the addition of a study and/or a separate games room.

The Devonport and Murchison are both available in a choice of two external facades – Classic or Provincial.

Minimum block sizes suitable to accommodate the Devonport commence from 25 metres wide for the smallest 23 square version, increasing to 27 metres in width for the 27 square version, 29 metres for the 30 square version and from 30 metres wide for the largest 34 square version.

Both size options of the Murchison can only be constructed on block sizes from a minimum width of 29 metres.

More information on the Devonport and Murchison designs can be obtained from all Dennis Family Homes display centres, online at www.dennisfamily.com.au or by phoning 1800 DENNIS.

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