Dennis Family Homes building new memories at old addresses

Jun 25, 2013

Dennis Family Homes building new memories at old addresses

In the current property market, families of all sizes are altering their traditional habits in choosing where and how they live. 

Many existing home owners are attached to their present location and rather than renovating or moving are instead turning to the Rebuild and Duplex/Dual Occupancy sectors to unlock the full potential of their property.

Replacing an outdated established house with a new home or multiple dwellings has become a rapidly emerging trend.

“The Rebuild market is easily the fastest growing sector of our business,” reveals Dennis Family Homes General Manager, Richard Uden.

“Over the past year, we have introduced a number of new products into our Inspirations Series – including the Balmoral, Churchill and Hawkesdale designs – which are suited to all markets, but are particularly apt for Rebuild projects.

“Extending on this trend, we have now released six new designs specifically tailored for the Duplex/Dual Occupancy sector of the market, where more than one dwelling is accommodated on a single block.”

Although conceptually similar, there is a discernible distinction between the Duplex and Dual Occupancy products. Whereas the Duplex homes are adjoined as a mirror image with a common central dividing wall, the positioning of the Dual Occupancy designs can be varied according to the dimensions of the block, either standing independently or butted at one specific point.

The newly introduced Duplex products are the single storey Richmond 382 and double storey Hamilton 552, whilst the Dual Occupancy designs are the single storey Stirling 192 and York 192 and double storey Argyle 272 and Somerset 262.

Richmond 382 - a single storey Duplex design covering 38 squares in total, two mirrored floorplans provided a combined total of six bedrooms, four bathrooms and two single garages. The Richmond design also incorporates a separate study at the front of the home on both sides of the common central wall.

Hamilton 552 - a double storey Duplex design, at 55 squares in total the Hamilton has become the largest dwelling in the Dennis Family Homes product range. Two mirrored floorplans offer a total of eight bedrooms, four bathrooms and two single garages, with open living space at the rear of the home.

Somerset 262 - at 26 squares, the Somerset is a double-storey Dual Occupancy design featuring three upstairs bedrooms, two bathrooms, double garage and alfresco. The Somerset has been custom designed to be coupled with the York 192, with the York positioned at the rear of the block.

York 192 – a single storey Dual Occupancy design covering 19 squares, the York floorplan includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms and double garage.

Argyle 272 - the Argyle is a double storey Dual Occupancy design encompassing 27 squares over its two levels. With a floorplan featuring four upstairs bedrooms, two bathrooms, double garage and alfresco, the Argyle is designed to be coupled with the Stirling 192, with the Stirling positioned at the rear of the block.

Stirling 192 - another single storey Dual Occupancy design of 19 squares, the Stirling features a flowing floorplan with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and double garage.

All six homes are able to be constructed on blocks from a minimum width of 15.24m (50ft).

The Somerset and York have been designed to accommodate one single shared driveway when coupled together, whilst the Richmond and Hamilton feature two separate driveways, as do the Argyle and Stirling when coupled together.

Mr Uden says the design of each of the homes has been specifically geared to comply with ResCode standards and to meet the requirements of the majority of municipalities.

“We have the knowledge and expertise to take away the guesswork for our customers in choosing the right design to suit their block,” he comments.

In providing a personalised service, Dennis Family Homes aims to guide customers through each step in the process with ease, from the initial consultation and planning requirements right through to the completion of construction. Whether looking to build a home for potential investment purposes or as an owner/occupier, customers are offered a choice of quality products at an affordable price.

Further new designs and additional facade options will be introduced within the Dennis Family Homes Duplex /Dual Occupancy product range in the near future.

For more information go to, call 1800 DENNIS or visit your nearest Dennis Family Homes display centre.

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